Who We Are

seyem is in business to economically support the programs and services of our growing community and be a viable contributor to the local and regional economy.  We believe strongly in the values of partnership, strategic vision, environmental stewardship and sustainable development opportunities that reflect and honour traditional laws and teachings that have guided our people for countless generations.  


What We Do

Some of our ventures include lelem' Arts and Cultural Cafe and sxwimele Boutique and Gifts in Fort Langley; Pictographic Creative, our marketing and design company; a commercial development in the city of Langley; fisheries and resource habitat enhancement projects throughout Kwantlen territory; a fully licenced security services company; an IT company; and partnerships in various construction activities on Kwantlen reserve lands and territory.



Brenda Fernie
Vice President

Tumia Knott

Derrick Mitchell
Director, Construction Services and Land Holdings

Laura Wadsworth
Director, Finance, Human Resources & Information Systems


Management & Staff

Peter Arkell - Pictographic Creative

Drew Atkins - Project Manager

Shania Bahnman - Manager, lelem' Arts & Cultural Cafe 

Kumba Boima - Operations Manager, Film and Traffic Control

Cheyanne Charters - Janitorial Manager

Robbie Dhaliwal - Manager, Finance

Ashley Doyle - Manager, Lands and Stewardship

Joan English - Manager, lelem' Express

Wendy Lintunen - Manager, Human Resources

Rocky Nenka - Regional Manager, lelem' Hospitality

Jill Syme - General Manager, Food Services & Retail Operations

Chantelle Wegwitz - Manager, Non-Profits and Field Services

Melissa Bennett-Knights - Human Resources

Jayme Gabriel Chan - Manager - Coast Salish Arts & Cultural Society

Phyllis Atkins - Account Manager

Marilyn Carpenter - Lands Officer

Steven Harris - IT Operations Specialist

Jeanne Jamieson - Operations Supervisor, Security

Carolynne Kelly - Finance Officer

Maurena Plantier - Sawel and Baking production manager

Tyler Burnson - Lands Coordinator

Emiko Galpin - Baker, lelem' Hospitality

Natache Gabriel - Accounting Assistant

Martin King - IT Systems Specialist

Leanne Richardson - Marketing Specialist

Jaida Savage - Front Desk/Admininstrative Assistant

Kaid Stubbington - Fleet and Facilities Maintenance

Tanner Timothy - GIS Technician


Proud supporters of the Coast Salish Arts & Cultural Society